About Estúdio Motomoto Design

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Estúdio MOTOMOTO Design is based in Portugal, working primarily in brand identity and packaging design aiming to create honest and imaginative design solutions that elevate the aesthetic and functional qualities of your brand at the same time respecting your customers.

“From the start!"

Motomoto means "originally," "from the start," or "by nature" in Japanese. It is the moving force behind the conception of Estúdio Motomoto Design in providing design solutions that are not only aesthetically balanced but also in line with its original purpose.

Projects & Ideas

Cristovao_Portfolio_JAN2023_v1 7Cristovao_Portfolio_JAN2023_v1 8PACT_Visual_Mood_Nov2021_Final 01
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CF_Logo_red_background_01CF_Wall Poster-Mockup-02CF_Tshirt_01
RK_Runners_Logo_01_ad 02RK_Poster_thereisnofinishline
Cristovao_Portfolio_JAN2023_v1 7Cristovao_Portfolio_JAN2023_v1 7Cristovao_Portfolio_JAN2023_v1 7
Cristovao_Portfolio_JAN2023_v1 7Cristovao_Portfolio_JAN2023_v1 7Cristovao_Portfolio_JAN2023_v1 7Cristovao_Portfolio_JAN2023_v1 7Cristovao_Portfolio_JAN2023_v1 7
Cristovao_Portfolio_JAN2023_v1 7
Cristovao_Portfolio_JAN2023_v1 7
Cristovao_Portfolio_JAN2023_v1 7
Cristovao_Portfolio_JAN2023_v1 7
Cristovao_Portfolio_JAN2023_v1 7
Cristovao_Portfolio_JAN2023_v1 708_Paper Bag-Mock-up_Bag-AC_front-view-copyCristovao_Portfolio_JAN2023_v1 7
Cristovao_Portfolio_JAN2023_v1 7
Cristovao_Portfolio_JAN2023_v1 7
Cristovao_Portfolio_JAN2023_v1 7Speaker_02Speaker_02Speaker_03
coral_brasil_logo 55
FestivalMagazine_SectionLayouts_Concepts 1FestivalMagazine_SectionLayouts_Concepts 3FestivalMagazine_IssueWinter_Spfreads 13-copyFestivalMagazine_IssueWinter_20 21
Soul_Visual_Concepts_01_Rev01 2
More about Estúdio Motomoto Design

Hi. I am Cristovão, a self-taught Graphic Designer with a career spanning more than 35 years, most of it in Europe, and works done in Holland, Germany, Portugal, Brazil, Qatar, and Bahrein to a variety of clients such as Audi, Peugeot, Multi Corporation BV, Qatar Free Zones Authority, WundermanThompson Doha, the National Museum of Qatar, HPP EuroRSCG, Vista Alegre, TAP Air Portugal, Sociedade Interbancária/SIBS, Al Khalij Bank, Place Vendôme Qatar and Qatar National Bank among others.

I have a passion for languages and enjoy meeting other cultures. I share a great deal of love for Portugal and its beautiful places, and I am also a big fan of “Japanology” and love a simple but meaningful life.

I hope you have enjoyed some of the projects and works shown here and that they may inspire you to start working with Estúdio Motomoto Design. You can contact me through my email cbarbosa@emmd.pt, and share your thoughts.

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